WISER “Preparing you for your dream job”- Case Study

As part of my personal project, I have designed an application, for people who travel to Australia, looking for job opportunities, but struggle a lot as they don’t know how exactly market works. The inspiration for this came from….myself !! When I came to Sydney it was very difficult for me to understand how the job market works. There were many questions like which job portal to consider, what resume patterns to follow, what is the salary trend etc. I had to do a lot of research before I could start my job hunt. This also gave me a thought to build a platform, so, that various others like me can get some help and move in the right direction in their job hunt. This project involved :

  • Research: 1-on-1 interviews.
  • Analysis: Affinity Mapping to form insights, then creating a persona.
  • Ideation: User journeys and Objectives for our persona, User flows and Wireframe.
  • Prototyping: Developing a working prototype in Adobe XD.

Initial brainstorming

I started by mapping out a rough plan of everything that could be involved in this project, to form different problem statements, that can be used in further research.

The research initially started with difficulty in finding the right participants. I was mostly surrounded by people who are living in Sydney for quite a long, and I wanted participants who are new to Sydney, as their experiences would have been more valuable to my research. After some struggle, I spoke to my class fellows about the problem I was thinking to solve, and surprisingly discovered that they have faced the same problem when they arrived in Sydney in their job hunt. So, I asked my classmates to participate in my research, and finally, I conducted Qualitative 1-on-1 interviews with 5 different participants.

1 on 1 interview


The interview process was the real icebreaker for me. All the interviews I conducted was unique in itself, because each participant had their own personal struggle. They were very open in sharing their thoughts. This helped me a lot in collecting all the relevant data which I was looking, and after some rough re-arrangements , it was time to do an affinity map to form insights.

Affinity Map


Based on the Affinity map I created one Persona. This was important because I plan to do a User Journey in my next phase as I need to identify the pain points.

  • Major Pains and Goals are identified for the persona.
  • Behaviour, Personality, and Hobbies are also incorporated.
  • The persona was kept in mind while ideating, and also in the prototyping phase.

Customer Journey

From getting the insights and building a persona I walked Nandini through a customer journey to identify her pain points :

User Journey

MVP and Design Objective

Now with the persona Nandini in place to design for, I needed to set the MVP based on the insights I had. Narrowing down these insights via a high value vs. high effort I established some key insights relating to Nandini that I wanted to focus on:

  • Nandini’s feelings: She needs to find a job in Sydney as she wanted to support her family.
  • Nandini circumstances: She doesn’t have a local experience as she just came to Sydney and want someone who can help or guide.

So to re-word this into some objectives for Nandini which I need to design for:

  • She wants some sort of service where she can validate her resume.
  • `Happy to pay if getting a good service.

How Might We help Nandini to find someone who can help or guide her to validate her Resume?


I always start my designing process with a quick and rough sketch where I can draw some initial wireframe so, that I know all the features I need to add in the prototype.



Now I had a sketch on paper to work from, I started to build a prototype in Adobe XD, with some high fidelity polish added using Photoshop. It all came together quite nicely, and I had something to start testing with.

Prototype Testing

The prototype testing was conducted in 2 rounds. Key findings of the testing are as follows:

Testing Round 1:

  • One of the participants got confused about the “Mockup Interview” page and suggested to include more information.
  • Linking for some pages was not working.
  • In general, participants liked the process, all features, and the overall concept.
  • All participants appreciated the slider animation on the “Select Experience” page.

Testing Round 2:

  • All the issues found in round 1 testing was fixed.
  • No major issues found, and participants were happy to see the end product working.
  • One of the participants suggested highlighting the cost of premium services on the home page.

Future Opportunities

As this is a personal project with no definite delivery deadline, I have the luxury of being able to keep working on it as I need, and thus this case study will probably evolve with it. For now, the next steps I’ll need to take to keep “Wiser” moving forward will be:

  • Need to do more 1 on 1 interview so, that I can get more insights.
  • Further testing with more people.
  • Exploring the insights that didn’t make the initial MVP

I’m a UI/UX designer with a background in visual design.I focus on conceptualising and design unique experience that add real value.